Rekindling Faith and Acceptance

This century is of technology. The exponential pace of development far exceed human perception and imagination. Nobody could imagine that World Wide Web which came into  existence some twenty years back,  could convert this globe to a mere global village and communication became so easy.  In our life, we start looking forward to those inventions which are directly linked to our lives as a means for our emancipation, self-development and growth.

That’s quite mesmerizing for us to get caught in this vortex of technology. Ultimately we find that technology provides some direction but no salvation. Further, the technology intensive work culture environment, drive our brain and ensure a full engagement for every single waking moment of our life. We Google for every single question that comes to our mind and sometimes wander aimlessly in the aisles of internet.

During all this activities, we develop unknowingly a strong logical mind and literally start seeking logical explanation & validation for every happening before accepting it, be it our love, charity, sacrifice, faith, etc.  This  thinking thereby, leaves no room for those factors which contribute more  generously in our life, like faith and acceptance. Even sometimes we question our own self and near and dear ones good intentions and do not leave room for emotional and creative responses. This because all then is going through  the validation and trivial test of our logical mind.

Science in time to come may be able to unfold more and more aspects of spirituality, but even then it will realize that spirituality is infinite & unfathomable.  At any point of time scale the statement that “Spirituality begins where science ends” will continue to hold true.

Hence, when we come to rekindling  of faith,  we are overpowered by a logical mind. It continues to hammer and demands explanation from our own self for this concept. This not only blocks our acceptance but sooner or later we will reach a dead end of self-development.

Let us remember that the very edifice for self-development of any individual is faith and acceptance. It may not have an immediate correlation to the hard driven logics of our  logical mind.  The first and foremost thing one should do is to ground these logics and let fresh cool pleasant breeze of acceptance flow in.

How do we awaken the near dormant faith and acceptance at the initial go and let it bloom.  Well,  It is very simple. Let us go down the childhood memory lane. In our early childhood, we were inquisitive & curious about everything that was happening  around us.   We seek answers from our elders. It was only faith and acceptance we had in our platter. The logical mind was not evolved as yet.   By virtue of that, we learned numbers, alphabets, words and rhymes and over a period of time we built extensive vocabulary, switching ourselves from dialects to sentences. This nascent alluvial mind initially started with an investment of faith and acceptance and nothing more and that’s how we  imbibed & developed the capabilities that are with us today.

Then why are we overburdening ourselves with this restlessness and impatience of logical mind now. Where, over the years this gifted dimension of faith and acceptance has diluted and shrunk? On cross examination of self we find that in true sense it has been relegated a back seat while we were engrossed and enthralling ourselves by the dazzling worldly pleasures and gratifications. It is a disease of time, technology and we become a perfect victim of the prevailing  global culture consuming & annihilating ourselves.

We must never forget that we are human beings and this technology is our creation. This mundane world is a by-product of our thoughts.  We have to be humane and natural first and not slave to technology.  Nature, the supreme make us flow and we make the technology flow and not vice-versa.  Let there be no conflict in our self on this and let this be a defining line. This human life is a a precious life. All events and happenings of life are not governed by the push button action we determine, similar to like or dislike action on Facebook or by the Enter or Escape keys of computer. They are determined by the supreme and our actions.

Nevertheless, the moment we start acknowledging and nurturing  this dimension of faith, we start our first step towards spiritual revival. Thereby homing towards peace and happiness for which we  strive for whole of life.  It is very well said that faith can move mountains. It a fact, not to be chided but to be explored, analysed and assimilated. We only need to nurture it back with full care like we nurture a plant ensuring that it receives full sunlight, water and manure from time to time. Also not allowing the faith to be   overshadowed by logical mind.

Give the sublime faith  its rightful space, light and freedom and let it emanate its aura. Remember that faith is the only oasis which in desperation and sandstorms of life spreads peace and solace. Life goes through its own cycle. When nothing works in life and tides are not in favor, we anchor ourselves to faith. It is on this faith you generate acceptance of situation of life.  Acceptance of reality strengthen faith.  It is our subjective attitude towards these objective phenomenon in life that determines our faith strength. The non-acceptance of reality of a situation skews the perception thereby distorting wisdom and ultimately eroding faith.


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